Sir Jarlsberg

Twas a dreary Afternoon in the month of May 926 years ago. As young Jarlsberg started his daily pony trot down the garden path, he noticed something caught in his Dartmoor pony Bayard's hoof. It twas an old scroll with a poem upon it's dirty surface. As young Jarlsberg slowly read this poem his heart started to fill with excitement while his torso bubbled with inspiration. He trotted home at a brisk pace and twirled to where his father kept the feathered pens. He wrote down two words that for just a moment made everything clear in his life. The words were "Hark Thou" then he closed his eyes, wiggled that feathered pen upon that scroll for the rest of that spring day in May. And when he opened his eyes Hark Hop was a healthy, beautiful, growing fetus with an upcoming due date. The birth of the Hark Hop fetus came that fall atop Mergmer Hill near Mooky Valley when he recited some poems in a playful rythmic manner to his old chum William and Hark Hop was born. He soon showed the villagers, and from that moment on Sir Jarlsberg dedicated his soul to expressing himself through this art form and bringing joy to whomever would listen. The album "Hark Thou" will take you on many journeys with Sir J and let you into his world with many interesting characters.


Twas a sad time in Sir Jarlsberg’s youth. Gnome Sr. XIV had recently perished after poking fun at an angry minotaur. The saddened Jarlsberg happened upon the virile lute playing horse in the enigmatic forest of nymphs. They sang many tunes to get through these melancholy times and cold lonely nights with nothing to comfort them but the steed’s cape, steedos, and warm horse breath breathing in and out through his beautiful snout holes.

DJ Forlorn Maiden

DJ Forlorn was born on a lawn under a fern by a fawn. She became forlorn when a swarm of swarthy spitting swans surrounded her and began to swipe and swear. This traumatic experience inspired her to pick up the quill and scroll and write battle poems. As she bellowed her battle cries from the top of a hill one painful afternoon, her old chum Sir Jarlsberg took notice and the rest is hark hop history.

Father Jon

Father Jon is quite a musical man. He has fiddled around with any and every musical instrument he can get his delicate paws on. He has really taken to the lute, fife and lyre as explained in Sir Jarlsberg's tune "My Musical Father and I". Father Jon's fife skills are on full display in this tune. When Sir Jarlsberg was a boy, Father J would take him to the annual gathering of the musical storks where Father Jon accompanied the beautiful stork songs while little Jarlsberg pranced around in an oval singing and chirping to himself. Here is more about Father Jon.

Lord Richard

A one of a kind Lord with a twinkle in his prance. He notice Sir Jarlsberg trying to emulate the lord's leap and began to chat one fine day in the Valley of Hoo. Twas an innocent little chat and the men were acquainted. 43 days later Jarlsberg was joy strolling with thy Gnome when they came across Lord Richard battling a 6 1/2 headed wretched dragon. He was struggling a bit for defeating multiple dragon heads is quite a task. Alas Jarlsberg had an idea to sneak thy Gnome under the massive dragon. Once under, thy Gnome would jump up with his pointed hat poking thy dragon right in a sensitive dragon area. This made the dragon stumble and bumble which gave Richard and Jarlsberg time to escape into the forest. Thy Gnome lost 3 fingers and a toe, but he escaped as well. In appreciation for helping him, Lord Richard showed Sir Jarlsberg the lord's sacred leap as described in thy tune "The Sacred Leap of Lord Richard" Years later they went on a journey showing all the fair people how to curtsy correctly.

William of Orange

Sir Jarlsberg's childhood chum has been there from the beginning of Hark Hop. William and Jarls would go on adventures as boys to explore the land. Years ago they wound up on the top of Mergmer Hill where they began reciting their favorite poems in a rhythmic fashion. This was actually the beginning of Hark Hop. One of their most notable journeys was to Cantabury. This journey is portrayed in "Clouds in the Valley" William and Jarlsberg are two chums that will always be chummy.

Thy Gnome

Oooooh lordy lordy, hwhat can one say about thy Gnome. This little man has been rummaging around with Sir Jarlsberg for eons. They enjoy explorations through the hills, valleys, pastures, markets, and where ever thy wispy winds might take them. Gnome shows Jarlsberg some of his musical abilities in the tune "Thy Gnome." This tune also portrays how they met and some of their favorite activities such as catching junebugs.


A friendly Giant who used to reside beside William of Orange eons ago. He was always quite friendly to all the chums and a fairly talented Hark Hopist. Thankfully he comes to thy rescue in "Three Men One Horse" to save Sir Jarls, Richard, and William from the wicked "The Rump Skumps' Thank You Mingus! Besides just being a Giant, he also has a very giant heart. A grand heart of gold!

The Golden Newt

This magical golden newt has lived for 5 thousand years. 479 years ago he created a magical fruit newton that he believes can banish evil spirits that might be lurking in the forest. He also loves dancing, so he tells whomever he comes across to do a dance in order to receive a magic newton as he does to Sir Jarlsberg and Willam of Orange in the tune "Clouds in the Valley." Tis not confirmed if these magical newtons actually work, but the golden newt definately gets his dance on. Hmmm...

Little King Klunt III

Little King K became King when he was a nomad roaming the woods of Nortstrum. He came across a crusty crown laying beneath the walkway of wild wizards. This mischievous little man decided to roam into the neighboring town of Cumertuck wearing this crown and a cape made of grape skin. He was immediately worshiped for Cumertuck hath been longing for a noble ruler. The townspeople began to question the Little King. He seemed far more interested in courting maidens, playing fiery lute solos (as displayed in "Thy Future") and having parties with his chums when he should be building a noble family to rule the village.

Kelly Waters of Maidenhead

Back in her homeland of Maidenhead, Kelly discovered that her beauteous voice attracted monarch butterflies. When she performed her songs, butterflies would fly in a perfect oval around her golden hair. This made the villagers yell "Hooray!, Horrah, Huzzah!, and AAAH!" She was atop thy world except for one thing. She did not feel most confident in her curtsy. That all changed when she met Sir Jarlsberg and Lord Richard at the Lords ball. Now her curtsy is truly splendid. Here is more about Kelly Waters of Maidenhead.


This hideous looking, disfigured prince is the most miserable excuse for a prince one has ever known. All he wants in this land is to have complete control over everyone and everything. He was married to Jezzabeliah before she escaped his decrepit controlling grasp. He hates Sir Jarlsberg and anything having to do with art. He and jarlsberg do battle in the tune "Thy Tale of Jezzabeliah." Wow! What a miserable waste of a prince this Barflip tis. No doubt he will die alone while the villagers rejoice his death.


Sir Jarlsberg's epic tune "Thy Tale of Jezzabeliah" tells this fine woman's story. She makes an appearance on this tune which is pure and true to this creative lovely lady. Her beautiful poetry earned her the annual poetrophey of Cumertuck. She remains very close with Sir Jarlsberg. Fortunately she has never seen Barftlip again.

Justice Hood The Hangman

This lawman of the village is fair but ruthless. Quick to roll some heads but benevolent. He is always in the pursuit of justice, hence his name. He has hung many evil villains and takes great pride in executing the execution. He also loves to be involved with the theatre and all the artistic happenings in the village. Here is more about Justice Hood.


By my troth, Druke is a worthless modern "MC" who uses hideous puns & woeful sensitive "singing". He spits one of his wretched rhymes on "Thy Cypher Ay?" Druke is blown away when Sir Jarlsberg drops some Hark Hop knowledge on his non-threatening rump. Perchance this Druke will make his leave from this land at once. Now that would be worth rejoicing over..


A peculiar character Sir Jarlsberg comes across in "Thy Cypher Ay?". This man is quite passionate about his singing and finds great joy in letting all his chums know how he attracts all the men and women with his voice. The Songbird can really light up a party.


An unsure Bishop who resides near the olive vines. He usually shuns any human contact but loves to Curtsy with Sir Jarlsberg.

More characters to come...